Debunk These Driving Myths with The Stated Facts in Brisbane

Debunk These Driving Myths with The Stated Facts in Brisbane
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Aussies have many driving myths- some are fun to listen to, and some can be scary. You were likely told a few yourself when you went to purchase your first car. King Auto in Brisbane, has a few driving myths that we think you will enjoy reading.

Red Cars Get Pulled Over More

There has been plenty of research done on the colour red and the emotions it evokes. None the less, the myth that red cars get pulled over more often is not true. However, if you are spending in a red car, you may be more likely to be spotted for the colour, and not to be pulled over, unless you are speeding!

Idling Vs. Turning The Engine Off to Save Fuel

Over time, the myth of turning your car off and on again uses more fuel has been passed down from driver to driver. However, with the newer model cars, they tend to use minimal fuel when turning on and off, especially if the car is still warm. A half a mile is wasted while idling, so it is considered best to turn off your car when you stop at a huge traffic.

If You Drive Too Slow, You Won’t Get a Ticket in Brisbane

Although it is not common to get a ticket for driving too slow, but you can.

While the myths are fun to read, they are still myths. If you are in the market for a new car and currently are a car owner who wants to sell your old car, King Auto will buy your car for up to $6,999 in cash. We are a top removal company in Brisbane that buys all makes and conditions of cars.

Our buying system works like this:

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When we buy your car, the process is that simple, and you will have up to $6,999 cash in your hand for its removal.

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