Eurotrafic Fuel Card

Eurotrafic Fuel Card
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A fuel card or fleet card is a type of card payment that is commonly used for diesel, gasoline, and other fuel, at gas stations. This type of card can also be used to pay for vehicle maintenance and other expenses at the discretion of the fleet owner, or manager. Fuel cards allow owners to receive real-time reports and it also helps them set various purchase controls with their cards, thereby helping them to stay informed about all business-related expenses. These types of cards are provided by Total Truck Solutions.

Before a fleet manager decides on getting a fuel card, he must be determined that a fleet card is needed. After making the final decision, then he must examine and analyze all the various fuel card provider available, and then select the program or provider that best meet the fleets need. He must consider the control they need to have over their fleet, and also review the fleet’s current vehicle fueling needs.

One of the best fuel card available option is the fuel card offer from AS 24, which includes a range of secure PIN-protected payment cards. This particular card can be tailored to the need of your fleet, and can be used for various purposes like, fuel purchase, truck washing, AdBlue®, payment of tolls and fines in over 15 countries.

Below are some of the things that makes Eurotrafic fuel card to stand out from other fuel cards.

   It is assigned to a truck or a driver

   It is PIN protected

   It is suitable for truck owners that have the same vehicle to driver combination.

   It can be used throughout the AS 24 network all around Europe.

   24/7 access to a breakdown assistance service, and also a fine payment service

   You can easily control your card use and settle your bills with a fully itemized monthly invoice, electronically.

   You can easily set an alert on the fuel card use to monitor any irregular activity

   You can easily give a detail where the fuel card can and can’t be used

The Eurotrafic fuel card has a network of over 22,000 authorized repair partners. With this, drivers can easily get help when driving around Europe or beyond, in the case of any breakdown or support. All the information related to your Eurotrafic fuel card is accessible anytime from any computer.

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