How Linear Actuator Operates Automotive Headlights in Cars

How Linear Actuator Operates Automotive Headlights in Cars
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This mechanical device is unique in operations as it creates motion in a linear, straight or a line. Actually, this device allows the conversion of circular movement of electric motors into up and down motion. Actuators are used in many applications along with switches, dampers, valves where the linear motion is necessary.

Do you know that this linear actuator performs different automotive functions?  And it’s most important use is in automotive headlights. Some headlights are static and maintain the position of the vehicle on which manufacturers mount it. On the other hand, headlights on some vehicles can move up and down or side to side. Actually, the purpose of this fluctuation in light is to focus the beam of light on the road surface having a curve. And these mechanical actuators control the light movement, which is driven by a permanent magnet motor.

These actuators and headlight motor both work together to control the individual positioning of the car headlights. Actually, this is done by an electronic system that controls the headlight motors and also by the switch present on the dashboard of the car.

Why are Actuators Preferred?

The reason behind the preference of these mini actuators is that they convert energy into a different type of linear motion. Because of small size, mini actuators are best fit for providing linear actuation in tight spaces such as headlight mount. The linear actuators are also helpful in driving automotive headlight leveling systems.

Some Other Uses of the Actuators in Automotives:

  • These are also useful in locking car doors.
  • They actuate the car parking brake.
  • Actuators are also used for opening hoods and trunks.
  • It indexes the gearbox and also endows clutch control.

Wrapping Up

These mechanical devices play a crucial role in automobile evolution. Without this device, the modern cars we know today cannot exist. Earlier, the car contains only the analog actuators which enable manual winding up or down of window and seat adjustment. But with the invention of the mini actuators, the automotive applications become possible.

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