How Often Should Brake Pads Be Replaced

How Often Should Brake Pads Be Replaced
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Cars for some are not for luxury and instead, they are part of their basic needs. Yes, there are people who can’t live without a car as it will be hard for them to commute. It doesn’t really matter for them what kind of car they have as long as it is something functional and won’t leave them beside the street.

A car is full of different components that can make it functional and if you assess all of them, you can say that the brake system is one of the most important. Part of the brake system is the brake pads and they are the ones that will squeeze down the calipers so that the wheels will be slowed down. The moment these brake pads will start to wear thin, they will become less effective thus they need to be replaced.

But the question is, how often should you replace your brake pad? If you think about it, brake pads don’t wear out the same way as they depend on different factors like these ones listed below:

  1. Driving habits

Not all drivers drive the same way. Some are used to stepping on their brakes real hard and abruptly which can cause early wear and tear to the brake pads. There are also those that are quite careful and they do it in a smooth gradual manner. Of course, at times of emergency, you need to step on the brakes fast though.

  1. Environment

If you are driving in a busy city, there is a good chance you need to step on the brakes quite often or you will bump into the car ahead of you. If you are also often driving in mountainous terrains, you might also need to step on the brake often.

  1. Brake pad hardness

Brake pads come in varying compounds. In performance cars, they are usually equipped with thick brake pads while in some other cars, they just have softer brake pads. Softer brake pads are best used in urban areas where low speeds are usual.

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