How to Make Most Use of Your Junk Car?

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If you want to do charity then in that situation it is always advised that you should sell or donate any unused item from your house. If you donate the item to charity then they will put it on a charity to raise the funds and fund that is collected from the belonging of you is submitted or taken as a donation in the name of yours.

If you have a junk car in your yard then the best use that you can do of that car is sell it by your own or donate the car to any recommended and recognized charity who can make money from the car you donated by putting it in the charity auction. If you hire a charity to donate a car then you even don’t need to drop your car to their place because they pick and pull your car from your place only. They send a tow truck to pick up the car.

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Factors to remember when selling the car to charity

Drive yourself – it is good if you drive the car to charity because to pick n pull the charity might have to hire tow trucks that reduces the profit margin of selling a car because charity also needs to pay to pick up service.

Transfer car – it is commonly seen that many of the charities ask the owner to leave the space of ownership assessment of car on donation paper. This is because if you leave the space blank then charities don’t re-title the vehicle but if any charity asks you to do so then it is highly recommended to look for another charity. This is because if you don’t transfer the car into the name of charity then you have to pay the bill of parking tickets that comes to the real owner of the car and moreover if your car is used in any kind of illegal activity then also you are responsible for the incident. So, always make sure that you transfer the car into the charity’s name and then they will sell the car as quickly as it is possible.

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