How to Take Care of Your Old Car During Brisbane Summer

How to Take Care of Your Old Car During Brisbane Summer
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Regardless of its value, the car needs to be in good working condition to be safe and reliable on the roads. Top Cash 4 Cars offers the following old car care guideline to help take care of your old car.

Care for Its Cooling System

The life of a coolant hose is one that is tough especially when the fluid reaches 240 F. That is scorching hot for hoses carrying the high-pressure fluids. While the water pump is necessary to keep the engine going, it is too often neglected. Both are components in old cars that will fail without attention and replacement. When this happens, your car will fail to start or die within minutes. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced the hoses, then replace them immediately. When replacing the coolant hoses, take the time to replace heater hoses, which are responsible for carrying the hot coolant into the passenger compartment. If you smell an odour something like pancake syrup or there is green fluid on the ground, then the water pump should be replaced.


Good working brakes will provide your car with longer longevity. If you are not sure of the car’s brake condition, follow your owner’s manual and bleed its brakes. If the fluid is clear, amber colour then it is likely that the brakes have been well-maintained or recently rebuilt. If the fluid is a dark colour with rust and rubber, then you will need a complete brake job.

Rely on an Authorised Mechanic

While you may be great at DIY mechanics, your car also requires the attention of an authorised dealer. Every so often, have your car checked, service and repaired.

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